Black Onyx Press

L. W. Edwards

Pirates Alley the New Orleans Connection

Solomon, Inc. is in a league of its own. An international high level security and protection corporation, it is named after the biblical Solomon for  a reason. Like the ancient man of God, the agency’s wisdom and expertise evolves from a connection to both the natural and the supernatural. 

With the last of the company's three founders dead or incapacitated, the firm’s two remaining junior partners, Addington Conroy and Ellis Tatum, take the reins. Ever in the back of their minds is a cold case in New Orleans they can never forget and are determined to close.

Follow Addie and her team as she goes back to New Orleans to close the cold case and the nagging questions of what happened to the original company founders.

Join them as well as some new team members as they once again learn the spirit world has a different agenda.

Book One of the Solomon Inc. Mystery  Series

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